Writer’s Doubt

While working on my debut novel, Things Grak Hates, I struggled with a constant stream of doubt, mostly during the editing process. Not only did it often cause crippling writer’s block (or editor’s block, I suppose), but it also made me flirt with the idea of quitting. Of course, with one book now behind me, I find things looking brighter for my future work. And yet, I’m still struggling with doubt on my second novel. And even though I touched on the subject and some solutions in an old post, I thought it might be useful to expand on this concept of doubting your own writing.

But, as I worked to define the idea, I found this article, which says it very well. So, I just wanted to share this author’s words. I think the concept is imperative for any writer to understand, but is especially useful for someone just launching their writing startup. Enjoy! And if you like this article, Bryan Hutchinson’s book, titled Writer’s Doubt, might be a good next step for you.

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