Who is Peter J Story?

Above all, I would say that I am sane…most of the time.

On first glance, this might appear to be obvious and altogether unnecessary information. I would disagree, however. I find that much of what is written on blogs falls under the category of insane, by which I mean it consists largely of random, careless utterances carrying no more thought than channel surfing. Thus, the final product is often one-sided to the point of extreme hyperbole and unnecessarily creates undue, overheated conflict.

Of course, I don’t mean to say that nothing on the internet is thoughtful or useful–in fact, much of it is quite useful. But in my experience, web content designed to contain thought-provoking substance tends to fall into rhythm with the heartbeat of the internet which does not encourage vitality of thought.

With that explanation of the state of the internet in mind, let me move on to my intent for this blog.

  1. First and foremost, my desire is to write, as much of what I think comes out with a great deal more sanity when I make time for editing, which is not so possible in ordinary conversation. While it’s true that I could choose to say nothing, I imagine I would go insane if I took that route.
  2. Of course, given my desire for sanity, I intend for my writing to be sane and to provoke thoughts, comments, and actions of similar sanity.
  3. Given my humanity, I do not intend, but expect that my writing will be flawed or even lacking sanity from time to time. When I lack, I intend to correct myself or be corrected with as much sanity as can be mustered.

For anything else you might want to know about me, please be patient. It will probably be written at some point if it isn’t private, useless, or insane.

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