Story Spotlight: Whiplash – Damien Chazelle

I changed the name of this category from “Book Spotlight” to “Story Spotlight” just so I could talk about this movie. Though, after further consideration, I feel confident that this is a change for the better overall, as it enables me to discuss other movies, games, and whatever else might pique my interest, story-wise.

This story was phenomenal. I know: I’m late to the game. Everyone has already given it massive applause, including numerous Oscar nominations and several wins. But I don’t mind if I’m singing an old tune here. This was one of the best stories I’ve encountered in a long time. The dialogue, the punchy flow, and the dynamic, bold characters really did it for me. And best of all, it felt like Jazz, which is the story’s main theme.

At least, it felt like what little I know of Jazz. The story had it’s slower parts and faster parts, but the rhythm always remained, as though built by a master pouring out a tune. More than that, the story had insane amounts of passion, building to an excellent climax worthy of the whole. And best of all, it didn’t resolve. Just when the story is picking back up and starting to go where the audience wants it to, it stops, leaving us wanting more.

5 stars out of 5

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