Story Spotlight: Welcome to Me – Eliot Laurence, Shira Piven

In their movie, Welcome to Me, Eliot Laurence and Shira Piven built what I consider to be dry, deliberate humor at its finest. Of course, the main reason to watch this film is Kristen Wiig’s performance. This is the part she was meant to play, and she delivers at every stage in the movie.

As the story begins, the main character is a shy, neurotic individual. As such, Wiig’s acting requires finesse and subtlety at that point. Not only does she pull it off splendidly, but I wonder if any other actor could have done it even half as well.

As the tale progresses, we watch Wiig’s character (and subsequently, her acting) progress to something more outspoken and emotional. And yet, through it all, the humor remains so precise and utterly hilarious that looking away from the screen for even a moment can cause you to miss out on incredible laughs.

And to top it all off, this movie has a very solid story. It’s full of emotion and uniquely broken characters who develop together toward a believable internal struggle and a positive climax.


5 stars out of 5

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