The Wire – David Simon

One of the best stories I’ve ever seen. As you know, I’m a fan of realism in fiction. The greatest stories are told with a bit of restraint. Nothing too fanciful, nothing too unbelievable. Just telling a story. Of course, this approach is much more difficult.

It’s too easy to go the other route of pulling random, loose ideas out of your head and stuffing them together. Then you don’t have to do the difficult work of smoothing out transitions or reasoning out motivations. Then you don’t have to even depend on your characters, as over-the-top excitement is what drives the alternative.

But when you restrain your story, that’s all there is to see. If it’s ugly, it’s really ugly. So it takes effort. You have to be meticulous. You’re forced to flesh out your characters, to nurture each one and see them through to a natural conclusion. You’re forced to truly craft.

The Wire succeeds in this. Through gritty realism in a crime drama setting, it bonds you with its characters. This show is storytelling done right, plain and simple.



5 out of 5 stars

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