Story Spotlight: Longmire – John Coveny, Hunt Baldwin

Longmire, created by John Coveny and Hunt Baldwin, is a highly entertaining series. The show is a contemporary crime drama in a modern western setting that focuses on substance over style. Where other crime dramas get tired due to overexposure and high episode counts per season, this one gets it right on all counts, telling its story through rich acting, dynamic character relationships, deliberate pacing, and of course Wyoming’s breathtaking scenery.

While the connecting story arc isn’t particularly original, its execution is handled very well. Unlike its contemporaries, Longmire doesn’t feel like its arc is shoehorned in. Instead, it seems like a natural story that we as viewers have dropped into. More so, the arc’s progression is handled carefully and steadily–feeling neither rushed nor milked–which allows for a natural propulsion that adds to the show’s tangibility and character development.

Unfortunately, because crime dramas are done so regularly (and I watch so many of them), I can’t seem to shake the feeling that I’ve been here before. Not for long stretches of time, mind you, but every now and then. As such, I thought it only right to deduct a half star for that. Still, 4.5 out of 5 ain’t bad.

4.5 out of 5 stars

9 thoughts on “Story Spotlight: Longmire – John Coveny, Hunt Baldwin”

  1. Tammy Klescz says:

    Our family gives Longmire 5 Stars!!!

  2. Jenn says:

    Honestly I’m a 37 yo female who can’t stand crime based drama.. I think I made it through a few of one show, with shemar Moore and that was only because he was easy on the eyes. Anyway longmire was instantly engaging with it’s beautiful scenery, and interesting characters can say this is one of the best shows I’ve watched in a long time! The actors are incredible at hooking you in and making you want to stay along for the ride! I truly hope season 5 will be announced, there will be A LOT of happy followers!

  3. Eve knapp says:

    Longmire is the best present day crime/western there is. Thanks to Netflix for realizing this a bringing a Season 4 & hopefully a 5th! #LongmireS5Netflix

  4. Jon Thompson says:

    Actually, Longmire is the creation of novelist Craig Johnson. This excellent TV series was spun from his series of books featuring Sheriff Walt Longmire.

    1. Peter J Story says:

      True, but I had to give credit to the show’s creators, as that’s the specific work that I’m reviewing here. Still, thanks for pointing it out for other readers who weren’t aware.

  5. Karen says:

    We love Longmire. The stories are fresh and the storyline is overall riveting. Hanging on the edge of my seat waiting to hear that Longmire has been renewed for season 5.

  6. Jennifer Allen says:

    Excuse me, but it’s breathtaking beauty is pure New Mexico!

    1. Peter J Story says:

      I stand corrected. Either way, great backdrop.

  7. J E Gibson says:

    Longmire is amazing friends n family watch this we can’t wait for season 5 please keep it going please , great acting from all of them

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