Fahrenheit 451 – Ray Bradbury

I wish I had enjoyed Fahrenheit 451 more. I feel like I’m almost required to sing its praises if I want to call myself a writer, but I can’t quite bring myself to revel in this piece. The story seems to have been created with the express purpose of mimicking Brave New World and 1984. To that end, it succeeds. Unfortunately, it lacks the originality to rise above its predecessors.

Fahrenheit 451 takes an over-the-top approach reminiscent of Brave New World, though without going nearly as far (and also lacking the excellent climactic conversation of that older novel). Fahrenheit also appears to attempt the style and gravitas of 1984 while falling just short in both efforts.

Still, the writing is good, and the story’s unique elements give it an edge that it would otherwise lack. Perhaps most important are the ideas that Bradbury discusses. While I’ve never been one to give good marks solely for promoting the right things, I think this novel deserves a bump from three to four stars for its original approach to a proper point.


4 out of 5 stars

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