Cell – Stephen King

It starts off splendidly. True to form, King’s alternate concept of a zombie apocalypse begins with exceptional writing. Unfortunately, things quickly go off track. By the middle of the book, King’s pothead alter ego is fully visible and wreaking havoc on the novel at large.

When Stephen King is focused, he writes superb stories with clear arcs and sensible concepts–even when outlandish. But when he’s baked out of his mind, King seems to gather every random idea he can get his hands on and nervously glue them between the same cover. Unfortunately, this often makes his work incoherent.

In the case of Cell, Stephen King’s writing occasionally neared his own previously set peaks. At other times, he barely seemed awake, just trying to crawl to the finish line with some semblance of a story. As such, I can’t give this novel much of a score. Still, with Stephen King writing, it’s hard to grant less than three stars.


3 out of 5 stars

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