Cat’s Cradle – Kurt Vonnegut

For much of the book, I had only a vague idea where it was headed. This is a risky approach for an author to take, as that can easily turn off most readers. Fortunately, it worked in this case. You might attribute that to Vonnegut’s skill. I suppose you’d be right.

It starts as a drab narrative seemingly focused on delving into an assortment of bizarre characters. Early on, the story pivots to hint toward something more science-fiction minded. The remainder of the novel then meanders along with subtle nods toward its true end here and there. Finally, Vonnegut takes a drastic turn at the very end and leaves you wondering what you’ve just read.

The characters were generally fun and all very unique, though true to my previous experiences with Vonnegut, he doesn’t spend much time fleshing out characters who aren’t his protagonist. Still, the simple, yet quirky narrative mingled with a glimpse of something more to come kept me intrigued just enough with each chapter to read on.

So all in all, quite good.


5 out of 5 stars

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