Story Spotlight: Brave New World – Aldous Huxley

I don’t suppose I should have hoped for a happy ending. Huxley created a spectacularly bland and bleak world, after all. Or rather, I shouldn’t have hoped to see anything turn about without a deus ex machina. And we never got that god. So we never got that turnabout. Thus, we never got that happy ending.

It’s better that way, though. When writing on such a grim topic as a society governed by meticulous social engineering, can you expect anything better? Can you hope for more than sorrow? Perhaps that was this novel’s greatest strength.

To be honest, I found much of the story to be questionably lighthearted. Paradoxically so. That worked in a sense, but also robbed the narrative of gravity. It left me conflicted. I appreciated the carefree tone, of course. Even liked it, I think. But it left me stilted and uneasy. Again, perhaps that was best.

But I would have chosen three stars if it not for the final conversation between our characters and the world controller. That alone bumped the story up to four stars in my mind. Excellent bit of dialogue. Chilling vision of the future. I hope that’s not what tomorrow holds.


4 out of 5 stars

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