If you’d like me to review your book for you, please verify that it matches these guidelines:

  • This must be the final version of your book. No drafts will be accepted.
  • Your book must be professionally edited. If I have to slog through typos and poor grammar, I won’t read it.
  • You have to send me the whole book, including the cover. Yes, I will judge by the cover and possibly reject your book on that basis alone.
  • I’m into a good story above all else, so please don’t bother with erotica or romance novels. Additionally, I don’t tend to read YA novels.

If your story passes, send an email with your book attached to:

contact at peterjstory dot com

If I decide to read it, I’ll let you know when the review is done, but will likely reject your book if I receive any follow-up emails on the matter.

And finally, because they have the best rating system that I’ve seen, I’ll copy Amazon’s star ratings. I’ll also paste my review to Amazon and Goodreads for you if you’d like. That is all.

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