My Gut is Prone to Rambling

I believe that many people would be better off in life if they learned to communicate with their guts. Some folks listen attentively to anything their guts might mumble. Others completely ignore their guts. Me, I try to just open a line of communication with mine.

Call it intuition. Maybe common sense would be a better term. I just call it my gut feeling. My gut speaks, and I try to understand it. The problem comes when my gut begins to ramble. Unfortunately, this happens often–far too often for comfort. Yet still I try with the old boy. But why do I try?

To put it simply, I try because my gut often makes sense. Not on the surface, no. As I mentioned, my gut does tend to ramble. But when I finally manage to cut through to what intuition is telling me, I tend to find something worth pondering. Not always, of course, but most of the time.

Of course, if I simply jumped at the beck and call of my gut (as I used to do), it would send me chasing far too many minor concerns. Alternatively, if I ignored my gut completely, I would miss out on many cautions that tend to lie just under the surface–the kind of cautions that can be difficult to identify, but are worth looking into.

I wonder how many people would be better off trying to see why they’re uneasy with something, rather than simply dismissing it as a pet peeve or leaping after it as though driven by some inner demon.

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