Is my next book a Grak sequel?

Several fans of Things Grak Hates have asked what my next project will be–specifically whether Grak’s story will see a sequel in 2016. The answers to those questions are, “I’m not telling you yet,” and “no.” In that order.

But fans of my writing shouldn’t take this to mean that I don’t know what my next novel will be. On the contrary. In fact, I’m currently working on the rough draft (in what spare time I can find), and I even have plans to write and release a short story prequel somewhere toward the middle of this coming year. However, both of these pieces will stray far from Grak in topic and style, though not necessarily in subtext. Stay tuned to learn what that means.

Fans Grak Loves, while potentially unhappy about this news, can at least take comfort in knowing that Grak was originally conceived as a trilogy. The entire story arc has already been set to virtual paper, though not yet refined into an outline. I’d love to see it come to life–I really would–but other, more pressing, story ideas (and to an extent, Grak’s success) will decide if we hear anything more from our lovingly despised nomad.

So, all that to say, “Grak 2, the Grakening” (not a working title) may yet be written, but it won’t be released in 2016. To find out what will be released in 2016, stay tuned …

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