Close … Soon …

I’ve been hard at work on my next book while also burning the candle at both ends to finish up deadlines at my day job. The rough draft is nearly done, but the book won’t be coming out this year. Clearly.

A shame.

Part of my problem has been with Scrivener. It’s a great program–don’t get me wrong–but it’s sorely lacking in portable management. If I want to switch computers (as I often do), I’m forced to use Dropbox. Of course, Dropbox is awful in its own right, and this means that I spend lots of time recovering lost files instead of writing.

But never fear. This novel will release. As I said, the rough draft is nearly done. Subsequent drafts will follow. Much has changed about this piece since its earliest moments of conception, and I’m thrilled with the way it’s heading.

More than that, I have a great plan for what’s coming next after this book. My next few works should be smoother as they won’t require as much research or reorganization.

Stay tuned. There’s much to love, and it won’t be so long.

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