Story Spotlight: The Way of Saint Francis – Father Murray Bodo

The Way of Saint Francis is a fantastic book and a refreshing read. Though I didn’t always think so highly of it.

I listened to the audio, read by the author, and the guy was in no hurry to convey his thoughts. Actually, that’s putting it lightly. In the first ten minutes of listening, I nearly gave up, as it was so slow. Soooo slow. Frustratingly so.

But I’m glad I didn’t quit. Now I look back at the slow pace as part of the book’s charm. It’s like reminiscing about a serene vacation on a secluded beach with a gentle breeze.

And while I’m not sure if the pace was intentional, it was a perfect reflection of the author’s life. Years of living like Saint Francis seem to have transformed Father Bodo into the kind of person that simply didn’t click with me on my rushed wavelength initially. So it was only fitting that his writing be read in an equally unhurried manner.

But the book’s quaint charm isn’t its only value. I can’t say the writing itself is anything noteworthy, but its excellence lies elsewhere. This is a beautiful book with priceless advice and exercises for slowing down, contemplating, and reaching out to help others. I found it invaluable and even life-changing. I intend to go back to it again before long to brush up and get back to that slower way of living.

5 stars out of 5

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